terça-feira, 28 de maio de 2013

Depoimento Cassio Amarante

  Bom dia a todos intercambistas e leitores do blog!

  Estamos muito felizes em publicar o primeiro depoimento em inglês. Que bom saber que o Cassio achou muito proveitoso e amou sua estadia aqui em Toronto, e como podemos ler no texto, foi um ótimo investimento para o  inglês dele. Nós ficamos tão felizes com os resultados quanto ele! Confira:

Cassio no City Hall

  "Samira,  I would like to say “Thank you so much” for your effort in choose the best program (School and Homestay) in Toronto for me!
  All the things in Toronto were fantastic!!! Actually, the school Quest was very, very good. I liked the rules, the teachers, the material, all the staff, the location and mainly the IELTS Program. I can´t realize that it will be so good! I think that my English level improved a lot, not enough to became fluency in English, because my level before Toronto was intermediate and because I could be spent there only one month, but it improved. I´m pleased with all the things that I learned there.
  About my homestay, I don´t have words to say how good it was. I talked with many other students in the school about homestay, and realized that mine was the best one in Canada!!! I´m sure!!! Her cooking was so delicious, her house was clean, she is helpful, friendly and funny. I learned a lot of English with my homestay mom. She was fantastic!!! I loved her! She is outstanding!!! Now she is my big friend!!!
  About Smart Choice Canada and Samira, I don´t have words too!!! Since your first contact, when you call me to understand about my plan, my goals, I could be confident about you and your job. Thanks again, for all, for your helpful, for facilitate payment, for your reception etc. Thanks, thanks, thanks.
  Thanks for help me when my money finished!!! You, like the school and my homestay were fantastic!!! One more time, thank you!!!"

  Quem agradece somos nós Cassio, muito obrigada por confiar na Smart Choice e ter nos enviado um depoimento maravilhoso. Esperamos que seus estudos continuem e você aperfeiçoe cada vez mais a sua segunda língua. 
  Um abraço de toda a familia Smart Choice Canada.

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